Thursday, July 15, 2010

Education Pioneers Week 5

The last five weeks have flown by with much of it spent working out the details of the financial model that will guide Value Schools through their expansion. Sound exciting? Not really, but this is obviously a necessary phase of the project as we further develop our plans for expansion. By developing the financial model I have gained a better understanding of charter school funding, which will be useful as we begin targeting locations and facilities for our additional schools. We’ve really just started this process and are looking at what communities in the Los Angeles Unified Schools District could most benefit from a charter school. Ideally we would like to locate our schools in close proximity to our existing two schools, but we have not ruled out targeting new locations. During the next few weeks I will be developing a list of recommendations for additional locations and starting to target possible facilities in those locations. I am looking forward to this phase of the project and I will update you next month.

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