Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chrysalis: Checking In

Has it been 5 weeks already? My time with Chrysalis Enterprises (CE) is flying by. I have attended almost every class/support group that Chrysalis offers to clients in an effort to better understand not only the full-range of services that Chrysalis provides, but to also give me an opportunity to speak with the clients to learn a bit more about where they struggle the most and what their experience has been like with Chrysalis.

Although I have heard many stories that bring me nearly to tears, I have also celebrated the successes of many of the clients. It is music to my ears when an announcement is played over the intercom system that a client is going to ring the bell. I grab my keys and hurry next door to see them proudly wave the bell, share their story, and offer words of encouragement for all those still working hard to find a job. (Some are more comfortable speaking in front of crowds than others!)

My role at Chrysalis has not been focused on simply one project, as those of some of my classmates I speak with at other organizations. I have had a surprising amount of autonomy in identifying projects, making recommendations, and then receiving support as I put my recommendations into action. One of the larger assignments I have worked on has been investigating the feasibility of CE selling trash liners to customers. Why now? The customers that do work with Chrysalis have been hit hard with cutbacks in the new fiscal year and were in need of another route by which to order necessary supplies. I not only played an integral role in selecting the vendor, but then developed and introduced the new inventory system for the liners.

While this internship might not be the same experience that my classmates are having at Fortune 500 companies, it is the perfect experience for me. Perhaps just what the doctor ordered.

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